Located in South Ari Atoll in the Maldives RANVELI is 35kms from Male’ International Airport, transfer to Ranveli from the airport is a journey of adventure………a 30 minute hop by seaplane to a landing platform jetty in the middle of the turquoise lagoon right in front of Ranveli and a leisurely boat ride on to Ranveli.

As you step off the seaplane the romance and adventure of Ranveli will embrace you. Ranveli is an idyllic island resort cocooned in unspoilt natural splendour , a quiet haven surrounded by pristine white sand, lush tropical vegetation and coral reefs flourishing beneath a warm crystalline sea.
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The Ranveli Village Maldives is one of the most spectacular Beach & Marine life resort destination. Stroll peacefully along endless beach in Ranveli. Enjoy snorkeling and Diving in crystal waters and experience the thrill of games and dazzling entertainment. Here a dream Honeymoon becomes reality and what better way to compliment your stay than these enhancements: